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Lala clothing

Mystery bags

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$75.00 AUD
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$75.00 AUD

Mystery bags - NEW & IMPROVED

Leave your picks to the luck of the fashion gods and take a chance on a mystery bag. Simply select your size and we’ll hand pick some items for you.

YOU ARE MY KIND OF WOMAN! Adventurous, risk taking, dare i say, ballsy?!  I’m clearing the racks and you will reap the benefits! 

This mystery bag can be filled with ANYTHING! So get ready for an amazing deal. Tops, Tees, Rompers, Jumpsuits, Dresses, Pants, Bags, Scarfs, you get the idea.

Items will vary. Bags includes 4-5 items.

Bags are RRP valued between $180 - $250


Because these are so steeply discounted, All sales are final! There are no returns or exchanges.

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