About us


About Lala clothing

Having launched online in 2020 we have been on a mission to provide curvy women with affordable & fashionable clothing by giving curvy women the freedom of expression and make styles accessible to the curvy community.

For too long women have been programmed to think that to be or feel beautiful we must look like models on the cat walk or models on magazines. As a curvy women and owner of Lala clothing, I say its time for us curvy/ plus size women to reshape and redefine the meaning of beauty.

Here at Lala clothing we are passionate about the inclusivity and we work around the clock to ensure we are bringing new and exciting styles. Our clothing are available in sizes 16-24+, we embrace what makes us individually beautiful to reshape how society sees beauty.

About me

Hi, I'm Mekayla Wilson, I've always been very entrepreneurial from a young age and now I am the owner and founder of Lala clothing.

I wanted to find clothing that I loved but I started to feel frustrated when I saw most brand only went up to size 16. When I would look online at brands I noticed a common thing between them, they used small, fit women with a six pack to advertise curvy clothing which gave me a unrealistic impression that I needed to look a certain way or be a certain size to feel & look beautiful.

As a curvy women, that wasn't good enough, all women no matter their size should be able to shop for clothing and feel comfortable doing so, I thought about all the curvy/plus size women like me who struggled to find nice & affordable plus size clothing.

After a lot of late nights and loads of research into starting a clothing business, Lala clothing was launched, a business that values diversity, family, quality, positivity and acceptance.

The name "Lala" was a nickname given to me many years ago by my late older brother and his daughter whom couldn't pronounce my name at the time.

(Photo is of my husband, our daughter and myself)